The French and Indian War: Important Events-Timeline & Mapping

Important Dates:
May 28, 1754 – George Washington defeats French. (Anderson – Chapter 4) The Battle at Fort Necessity was the Opening of French and Indian War.
Nov 23, 1758 – Fort Duquesne – This comes after the Treaty of Easton – Important to my Iroquois neutrality essentially – as with this Treaty Iroquois promise French they will remain neutral in future Anglo-French wars.
Jul 25, 1759 – Fort Niagara – one of three campaigns designed to bring about conquest of New France. (Anderson-Chapter 19) The commandment of Fort Niagara – Captain Pierre Pouchot of la marine – did not realize Iroquois had shifted from neutrality to support the British.
Sep 8, 1760 – French surrender. There is Native involvement here too. (Anderson – Chapter 22)

Significant Locations:
Fort Duquesne – a lot of different allegiance stuff going on – Treaty of Easton – Iroquois pledge neutrality. Fort Ticonderoga – gave access to Canada & the Hudson River Valley – good strategic access. There was more fighting here than any other post. Nova Scotia – War took place from Virginia to Nova Scotia. Burial of Hatchet between British and Mi’kmaq – this was interesting – stimulates thought with the Natives once again – Acadians claimed non-involvement due to proposed fear of these guys. Did these under pinning events change courses of things to a degree?


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